Avoid These Six Mistakes in the Content Atomization Process

With any new tactic or marketing trend, it’s easy to rally the team and jump right into execution without much thought around actual strategy. And sometimes, that approach can prove to be the best way to learn and continuously improve upon the process. When accountable to stakeholders, though, it pays to be a little more methodical.

This is certainly the case when it comes to content atomization, a process in which you break down one big concept, or piece of content, into smaller, more focused pieces that can be distributed into more digestible forms. You want to make sure that your brand is remaining conscious of which content it’s choosing to repurpose, how it’s choosing to do so and avoiding these common mistakes simultaneously.

PowerPost Atomization Process

Failing to Repurpose in the First Place

Alright, this one was served up. It’s a no-brainer. If you’re failing to repurpose high-performing content in the first place, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity in both team efficiency and customer return.

Pumping out the same types of content through the same channels over and over again is not a smart use of time or resources. De-emphasize the need for quantity and set your sights on quality instead. By doing so, you’ll find that your content marketing team not only creates better, high-performing work but develops a greater appreciation for that work.

Equating Atomization With Copy and Paste

It’s important to understand that atomization does not mean simply duplicating content that’s already been created. Not only can this have negative residual effects on your brand’s SEO, it’s also just a waste of time that could be better spent on more impactful initiatives.

Take your high-performing content and reimagine it into new formats, expand upon a subject matter in greater detail and experiment with ways in which you can better connect with audiences yet to be reached.

Repurposing Content in the Same Way on Repeat

If you’re resigned to the fact that every blog post is going to become either an eBook, video or webinar, you’re missing the point of atomization entirely. From Slideshares to webinars, podcasts to newsletters, there are so many ways to reimagine content that’s already been created. Limiting the team’s output to only a handful of options restricts the possibility for both creativity and potential return from interested audiences that have yet to be reached.

Repurposing Lackluster Content

More often than not, poor-performing content is unlikely to perform any better when atomized. The subject matter is the foundation, which means if it’s broken to begin with, it won’t matter what you build on top of it. Your audience will find it similarly uninteresting. Make sure you’re looking at the data to decide which pieces of content make the most sense for repurposing over others.

Not Considering Your Audience

Focusing on channels that don’t make sense for your particular audience will show just that in the results of your atomized content. Even if you don’t know what resonates with your audience at the get-go, take the time to experiment. Create a video, develop an eBook, etc. and distribute through the channels where you already see the most traffic to get a better feel for the ways in which your audience is most interested in consuming their content.

Not Distributing Enough

The beauty of atomized, evergreen content is that its life cycle knows no end. By this we mean you can distribute and redistribute content when and where it makes sense. Within your editorial content calendar, map out ongoing shares across the month and find ways to integrate pieces into longer funnel content campaigns. The more you can put your atomized pieces to work across varying initiatives, the easier it is to justify repurposing efforts time and time again.

Does your team have any tips and tricks when it comes to content atomization? We’d love to hear them — tweet us at @powerpostsocial.

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