Five Ways B2B Brands Can Be Using Video

As a B2B marketer, you have your own set of challenges. The products are typically more involved, lead times are longer, and budgets are high. Businesses are making decisions based on previously established budgets and a multitude of sign-offs up the chain of command.

Do the rules of video marketing apply in a B2B world full of nuances?

Seventy percent of B2B researchers that base their buying decisions on watching brand videos would likely respond with: “Absolutely.” There are few better ways to more thoroughly and efficiently bring brand narratives to life—B2B or otherwise—than through video.

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Further, consider that as of last year, LinkedIn began supporting video on its platform, and there’s really no reason for B2B brands not to be using video. Influencers on the channel have found ways to further bolster their reputation and sell their own professional products through video as well.


Webinars aren’t just 30 to 60-minute lectures, they’re highly relevant deep dives that help further establish your B2B business’ credibility in an industry. Thanks to video though, they also serve as easily repurposed, lead-generating content pieces. Promote prior to live streaming and gather emails for further follow-up. Then toss the recordings onto your website as part of a blog or gated landing page to continue driving traffic and collecting emails.

Case Studies

Regardless of what you’re selling, never underestimate the power of a testimonial. And case studies are often testimonials on steroids, with expanded insights and detailed applications of the product or service. They translate exceptionally well in the B2B world because of the lengthy vetting process most buyers are performing during the decision-making process. Signing away a large investment on behalf of a business requires its fair share of due diligence after all.

When presented as videos, the level of humanity is further heightened. Sales teams can also better target more robust, personalized pitches to prospects when they have a wide representation of industry case study videos to choose from.

About Us

Whether used on your homepage or recruiting ads distributed by HR on LinkedIn, the ‘About Us’ video appeals to a sense of story. It gives prospective employees and customers alike the opportunity to understand not just what your company does but who it is from an internal perspective. This allows viewers to more readily align with values and better get a feel for what a potential partnership would be supported.


What often sets B2B businesses apart from their B2C counterparts is the complexity of their offerings. And this is precisely where demos and walkthroughs come into play. With video assets, the customer service and sales teams can better explain the intricacies of any given product. If you have a library of FAQ-based articles to pull from, you can easily translate and expand relevant posts into videos without having to start from scratch.

Creative Storytelling

Just because you target services primarily to professionals doesn’t mean there isn’t a story to tell. Beyond the technicalities of any service is a broader message; a way of connecting with the masses and drive awareness. For example, take the State Street Global Advisors and their video for the Fearless Girl statue they commissioned and placed on Wall Street back in 2017. While not necessarily a direct reflection of their product, it certainly helped drive recognition of the company on a wider scale.

Have any examples of B2B video content you find particularly inspiring? Share them with us in the comments below!

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