Meet Natalie — Content Strategist and New Puppy Parent

Name: Natalie

Hometown: Chesterfield, MO

College: University of Missouri

What’s your official position at PowerPost, and how long have you been working here?

My official title is Content Strategist, and I’ve been here for a little over a year-and-a-half.

How does the Content Department tie into the overall success of the company?

The content team writes material for our clients on the agency side, as well as the articles that get distributed throughout PowerPost’s platforms, our blog and weekly newsletter. So the Content Department contributes most of the writing for the entire company.

What first attracted you to PowerPost?

I’d been at agencies before, but what attracted me was our CEO Dan’s vision for the company and the fact that it was a startup. The agencies I worked at before were on the smaller side, the startup culture is just a completely different story.

What is something you’ve learned or gotten better at since working at PowerPost?

I’d say taking a topic I know little-to-nothing about and becoming at least somewhat of an expert on it. Also, figuring out how to share what I’ve learned with other people in a way that will help them understand it too, or at least find it interesting, where they might not have before (which is pretty rewarding!).

What does a typical week look like for you?

Typical weeks for me are pretty busy, but that’s a good thing. The cool part about being a Content Strategist is that your weeks never look the same, and we get to work on both sides of the company. Sometimes we’re working with clients on the agency side, others we’re working on collateral for PowerPost.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Kind of what I said earlier. I just enjoy taking a topic I don’t know much about and putting my own twist on it so (hopefully) other people understand it or find it interesting.

What’s your favorite part of the company culture and office space?

I’m lucky to have been here for awhile and met all the great people here in the last year-and-a-half, but honestly, the culture is great. It’s laid back which makes it feel comfortable, and I’ve definitely met some of my best friends here.

Where do you think the future of content marketing is headed in the next year?

I think a big part will have to do with technology. Just in the past couple years, or even last year alone, we’ve seen a wider acceptance of technology in the industry, and I think that’s only going to continue to grow.

Can you give an example of something you see brands do in their content that makes you cringe, and why?

Trying to be something they’re not just to fit in with what they think people will like, which usually ends up failing and comes off as inauthentic.

What does telling a good story mean to you?

A good story is engaging, thoughtful and maybe a little bit surprising. If you can get someone to read your story and think of a topic in a different way than they did before, I think that’s a success.

How do you think your journalism background advances your writing at PowerPost?

I’m thankful every day I got a journalism degree. I feel like this digital age has lead people to think anyone can be a writer, but there’s a lot of things I learned getting my degree pertinent to writing I’m not sure I would have known otherwise.

If you had your own blog, what would the title be?

Umm… Shoot… I don’t know. I’ve wanted to create a blog but I don’t know what it would be about, so I haven’t started it. Probably something to do with movie reviews—but I don’t know what it would be called.

Are you a dog or cat person? Why?

Um, you know, I’m an animal lover but I would definitely say dogs over cats. I think because my mom never let me get a dog, and I’ve been asking for a dog for the last 25 years. I actually recently got a puppy, his name is Smalls.

Thoughts on Instagram’s Current Feed Algorithm?

I’m not a fan. I feel like a lot of people’s Instagram account’s get overlooked, or when I’m scrolling through I’ll like a picture from three days ago and it’ll just look like I’m creeping on someone…so…

What’s the funniest (or last thing) you tweeted or retweeted?

Am I allowed to check? *Pulling out phone* Retweeted?

“Why is ‘silly goose’ a phrase? Have you ever met a goose? They are the most serious and powerful, dinosaur-looking monsters I’ve ever encountered. Not one of them is silly.”

The last thing I tweeted…eh…

“Whoever said ‘don’t bite off more than you can chew’ clearly never experienced bottomless breadsticks at Olive Garden.” *laughing*

Favorite lunch spot to spark your creative energy?

We always have a good time at Louie’s Wine Dive in Clayton—one of our favorites. I think it’s good to get out of the office but it’s also just a really cool space in Clayton. Plus, they always have the Food Network going in the background—and that’s a plus.

Finish this sentence: My ultimate “get-stuff-done” playlist is called _____________.

“Work It.”

Listen to Natalie’s playlist: Work It. Disclaimer: It’s a vibe.

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